Seo Factors & Trends

imagesIn this report the recognized industry leader Coastwide Networks and a
comprehensive trusted team of SEO experts clarify current search engine optimization factors and current trends as well:

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An outline of the factors affecting SEO are:

• Presence of Local Businesses in search results
• Google’s new Knowledge Graph
• The impact of Mobile users
• Penalties for linking and other updates.

The present trends in seo are:

• The decline in the use of links
• Usage of Author identity in regards to trust
• Effectiveness of content marketing
• What is of importance for social ranking

We at Coastwide Networks believe that this is one of the better times for businesses
to succeed and do well. The recent changes by Google for quality SEO has had a
profound negative impact on numerous sites.  Therefore in order to be ranked on
the first page the quality of the content along with effective SEO is of significant
importance and those following the seo rules correctly and effectively have a much
better success rate and we can help businesses achieve this goal very effectively.

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