Siloing: Constructing Websites

A disjointed website usually negatively affect keyword performance. Such a site
usually suffers in search engine rankings  for better keywords. However, if the site is
themed properly, it will have a better index on search engines and increase keyword
rankings. Siloing a website, will clarify your website’s  subject relevance and will
boost key word ranking. It is a core feature of search engine optimization.

Silos are used to group themed content in an effort to aid search engines to determine
relevancy. The reasoning for this categorization having such high SEO is that, search
engines rank keyword relevance in their index, depending on the page and the  rest
of the websites relevant content. Websites are ranked high when there is a clearly
defined title, table of contents, then the body (content) reinforces the theme, inclusive
of footnotes and references supporting the subject.

Choosing A Theme

The best place to start your research for relevant themes is to assess traffic data of the
site. This can be done by using the following collection data method:

• Web analytics revisions
• PPC programs
• Keywords

These sources will provide the historical traffic data of the visitors to the website.

Web Analytics Revisions

There are various ways by which to obtain the data or logs for historical  search
engine. These can be accessed through readily available online services that use
cookies or JavaScript to ascertain live data about the patterns of visitors and search
engines such as Google Analytics and others. Make sure to pay attention to the search
terms that drive users to your site.

PPC Programs

Look at your business’s Pay-per-Click programs offered by all major search engines.
It is also important to view pages that have high Quality Scores .


This method involves asking the relevant persons involved in your website’s
development about keywords that are deemed important. During this process you
will be able to determine what the business is trying to rank for in the organic search

Following the reviews you will have been able to determine a) your site’s rank and b)
what you were not ranked for.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

LSI is complex in definition it, but its benefits are many. It is an indexing and
retrieval method  to determine patterns in the relationship among terms and concepts
contained in an unstructured collection of text.

LSI works by identifying the keywords of web pages and documents. The goal is for
your website to be in conjunction with LSI confines.

Silo Structure

The LSI processing is helped by the webmaster creating the site in two parts, Physical
or Virtual silos. Both of these silos are very critical to SEO because it develops a great
structure for the content.

Physical Silo

Physical silo is a method of gathering or grouping your website content into similar
categories. These are known to be the easiest to set up and maintain. This silo
operates like a filing cabinet.

Most sites topics are widespread enough that they at times need to be grouped
into multiple themes. It is recommended that the pages be kept about two or three
directories deep. Going any deeper than that may result in the other pages not
receiving the enough links to be considered relevant. The more organized the silos
are, your chances are increased for a higher ranking for themed specific keywords.

Virtual Silo

Eventually a website will breakdown over time after it has been established. The
virtual silo model can reinforce the structure through targeted internal linking strategy.
Virtual silos incorporate drill-down cross linking structure to  administer distinct
categories. This is where the top landing page of each silo is reinforced by the pages
linking it. Internal linking is a crucial component of virtual silos. Linking is usually
done between like topics eliminating unrelated categories where possible.

For new websites , it is advised to use the physical silo structure. They are easier to
set up and manage.

Reasons For Silo Structure

Silos allow for the building of websites that will coordinate users search habits and
show your site as an authority for a subject matter while increasing your ranking for
major key words that leads to conversion.

A lot of websites do not maximise on their potential because of terrible theme
strategy.  For instance a site that is visibly attractive with a great content but if the
sites lacks topical relevance, your targeted keywords will have no impact and may
negatively affect your marketing campaign.

Siloing is a form of on-page SEO that should be acknowledged throughout the life of
your website. Siloing main goal is to develop a website that will have a high rank for both shot and long tail keywords.  Therefore, always use sound silo structuring .