Social Media Guidelines

Social Media Marketing Steps

GuidelinesMedia marketing is an area that involves in depth research, strategy, planning and tracking in order to make sure a solid return on investment, in both time and money. As an area that is evolving , there are many concepts, tools, tactics and opinions on the best way to deal

with it. The great thing about social media marketing is that it can be customized to match to any organization.  The community and audience of the brand will be the driving force of the strategy. This is the primary step to a successful social media marketing.

Whether it is in partnership with a tackling social media and Web marketing  on your own, here are some general  tips on a few of the major components of social media plan. Research: Comprehend The Business Goals and its Connection to Social Media

Social media needs vary according to the industry and size of the company. There are some companies that will need social media for various needs; commerce, community building, customer service and/or internal affairs. The type of audience or Internet marketing plan will determine the social media marketing needs of the company.

The research phase will involve meeting with the main stakeholders from various departments in the company which can aid in the better understanding of the company’s business goals that can be facilitated through social media marketing.

Getting the opinions of current and potential clients and customers is a good way to know what they want from the brand; whether it is a large or small company.  The research can also include the assessing of current media usage to see how resources are being allotted and spent.

The gathering of this information which includes the collection and compilation can greatly help the Internet marketing firm that you have partnered with. When the research phase has been completed, it is then given to the Internet marketing firm, which can now use the available tools such as, analytics and arsenal.

They will help to identify the brand’s community and how best to align it in terms of clear business goals.

Define: Determine The Face of Your Social Media Strategy

The defining phase is the stage at which all the research that had been conducted is compiled to determine how social media engages into the Web marketing plan. A social media marketing plan will have numerous goals that will vary according to the overall strategy, timelines and social media tactics. For instance, a Facebook advertising campaign will be different from that of an advertising campaign building a community within Facebook. Note that they will overlay.

This phase encompasses the strategy and direction of the Web marketing plan.

Large companies will usually need to involve key members from each department that are familiar with the site and varying business goals , just to make sure that all areas are properly covered in order to bring unison to the whole social media marketing approach.

At this stage media marketing tools are used to measure the impact of how social media marketing will have on your website with regards to traffic, links and conversions.  These critical performance indicators will determine the effectiveness of social media efforts.

Implement: Incorporate Social Media Marketing In The Business plan

At this time the strategy is now ready for implementation by the team members. On going communication amongst the team members is very important in that it helps to make sure that the plan is followed through efficiently  with the sharing of ideas and new discoveries.  The strategy is now a functional document, with regards to social media marketing requirements.

In conjunction with an Internet marketing firm it is essential that continuous communication is done amongst partners. Kindly note that it is very important to document every stage of the implementation so that you will have a go to document what can be used for revision purposes and to determine what works well  and what doesn’t.

Track: Apply Social Media Tools to Make sure Goals Are Met Social media ROI (returns on investment) is one of the most critical areas of social media marketing.  How do you track it ? and with what tools? What are the indicators used? How do you determine conversions to social media and at what part during the process?

Just as in tracking other Web marketing tactics through analytical tools, it is the same with social media ROI. There are methodologies and metrics used to guide companies along their path of social media marketing ; each company shapes its own practices based on the experiences and audience needs of the company.

It is important to know that this process is always evolving. For instance, a change in the search engine algorithm may alter the key performance indicators already in place at the start of a project.  The important thing is that it should always be geared at the goals of the strategy.

This stage shows what is and isn’t working and hence makes it easier to eliminate and refine areas that are not practical for the next project. After these stages you are now able to start focusing  on those concepts that will give returns on your campaigns.  Therefore Web marketing and social media marketing disciplines are  ever-evolving cyclical practices. So the ultimate step in the cycle is the reimplementation of the modified strategy.